Foster Me Friday – Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue, Christmas Florida

  1. Fallin’Pines Critter Rescue
    23643 Christmas Cemetery Rd
    Christmas, Florida
    (407) 568-7988

As long as there are people that insist on trying to make pets out of exotic and farm animals, there will be a need for someone to pick up the pieces.

Shirley Cannan has been a tireless advocate for exotic animals in Central Florida for many years. After working for a local wildlife rescue for 13 years, Shirley attained her own 501c3 status in 2003. Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue, a non profit rescue, was born.

In addition to the 20 or so permanent residents, which include wallaroos, wallabies, exotic squirrels, chipmunks, parrots and tortoises, Shirley rescues unwanted or displaced exotic, domestic and farm animals, reptiles and birds with the goal of placing them in loving homes or to give the handicapped or unadoptable animals a permanent home.

A one woman show, most of the time, Shirley and a handful of volunteers assist Orange and Seminole county animal services by accepting exotics, domestics and farm animals. The rescue also takes animals surrendered by their owners. They spend many hours each day feeding, cleaning and caring for the animals. The hours are long, tiring and mostly thankless, but when she sees an animal bloom under her capable care, it makes it all worth it.

Want to help? Volunteers are needed in many capacities – Fund Raising & Grant Writing, Animal Care, Cage Cleaning, Clerical, Computer, Lawn Care, Equipment Maintenance, Licensed & insured handyman with experience in electrical repairs, plumbing, etc

Can’t volunteer? Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue gratefully accepts monetary donations and items from their wish list are always needed as well. Don’t live in the area but still want to help? Consider donating an item or two from their Amazon Wish List!

To find out more, contact Shirley at or by calling (407) 568-7988. You can connect with Fallin’ Pines via their website and on Facebook too!

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